The fruition of Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation

Great day! My name is Alex Tarras, I'm privileged to share what Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation is, and what it means to me. Its been an incredible journey filled with hard work, wonderful ups, and of course some struggles, but most of all..

Terrific people joining together to help bring something wonderful to the greater population!!

Below I will outline my background, the mission of Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation and how we plan to improve the lives of all around us.

My Background

Even before high school I knew that I wanted to be a business owner and provide a service that benefited people on all walks of life. I was incredibly interested in economics and the growth and scaling of businesses. Unfortunately there are many businesses that cared about one thing and one thing only.
The bottom line..
At a young age I could see businesses operating in this way, and through many books, podcasts and mentors I quickly realized something..
The best way to grow a successful business was to provide something so valuable, that you’d be doing a disservice if it didn’t get it in peoples hands.
A few years after high school I grew more and more dedicated to helping others and personal development as well. It became unequivocally clear that I found my purpose..

In order to live your best life and help as many people as possible, its essential for you to love what you do and be so passionate, you never want to quit!
I loved this philosophy and understood that I needed to help people get what they most wanted out of life to achieve my goals.

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

I met Matt McBride working at an insurance company and we became close friends quickly. With similar mindsets and the urge to better not only ourselves, but all around us, we clicked. Not knowing that in the following years we’d be business partners and starting something of our own from scratch..

After selling life insurance for just over a year, I knew I was looking for something that aligned more with my personality. I did many different things from digital marketing, starting a short term rental business through Airbnb, educated myself in excelling in the stock market and much more. These were incredible accomplishments that I was very proud of but at the end of the day, I knew I needed to keep growing personally and professionally.

“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

Lets Start a New Business!

The Halo Advertising Story..
Matt contacted me one evening with an idea that himself and Cat (his other half) stumbled upon.. Mind widened by a new adventure, and eager to get back into the sales and leadership lifestyle, we got together and became increasingly excited about this potential opportunity!
Our focus fell on a few things:
Fundraising for amazing non-profit organizations that help the most in need
Help growing local businesses (especially in this economy, is extremely critical)
Provide many people with part time and full time work to help out their families when many people are out of work.

To summarize, we wanted to be in a position that we could use our skills to give back to the less fortunate. The most lucrative and quickest way to build funds for these organizations is to utilize a third party advertising agency to recruit, train, grow, and collect contributions! With our experience growing and leading teams in the past, Matt much more than myself, we knew we could be successful with the right plan of attack.

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

First, we wanted to grow sales teams to be the front face of our third party fundraising platform. We created thank you packages to leave behind those who wanted to contribute. This was such an exciting idea because we could help these non-profit organizations generate income so they could focus on helping families that needed it the most! Inside these thank you packages comes with a tasty treat! Also with discounts and coupons to local businesses that wanted to help, therefore being able to grow their customer base too! What a exciting platform! We get to raise funds for these amazing organizations and drive customers to local businesses that help them grow! As well as be able to hire and promote hard workers and help them financially!

This was incredibly intriguing for all of us, so much that Cat decided to start a non-profit called Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation. She has been working tirelessly getting her degree and has been doing an amazing job since day 1! We are all extremely proud of her and the excellent work ethic she devotes!

Second, we wanted to help local businesses thrive. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset and have the utmost respect for business owners that start their own company. Unfortunately, in an economy we’ve been seeing lately we saw many of these businesses having to close down their doors. This isn’t fair and we realized, after lots of research, that there are many different advertising companies out there that could help!
…However, after doing much due diligence, we quickly realized that many of these advertising agencies were focusing on the larger accounts. If businesses didn’t have at least $20,000 to invest, they fell through the cracks.
What happens now?
These business owners not having a large budget, start try to do some advertising on their own. They go through trials and tribulations on Facebook and Google ads, maybe order some generic outdoor signs and put together a less than desirable website. This not only wastes their time, which they’d rather be spending building their business, but also waste large amounts of money trying to figure out how it all works..
We found an opportunity..
Combined, we have invested thousands of dollars in digital marketing courses over the years and have spent lots of time educating ourselves in these areas. We knew it could be done for a fraction of the price the larger agencies were charging. Not only could we do the digital side of things for businesses, but through corporate accounts Matt was able to transfer over from his previous business, we could get printing services for much less than most businesses.
We looked far and wide and did not find any advertising agencies that offered both digital and print. Meaning businesses would have to deal with two companies to get exactly what they wanted in their packages..


Please check out STEP UP 4 KIDZ FOUNDATION to see how they are helping and how you can help too!
Also, go to HALO ADVERTISING for any of your advertising needs, we offer no- cost quotations and would be thrilled to take care of all your advertising needs.
Thank you for all your past and future support!
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